Power Sport




Fine-wire centre electrode and V-trimmed ground electrode produces the sharpest spark focus.
Long life and performance that far exceeds conventional plugs.


Projected Core Nose

• Extended nose projection of the plug creates a longer path for heat to travel.
• The plug stays hot during periods of prolonged idling...preventing cold fouling.
• The plug stays cool at High RPM due to the Charge Cooling effect of the incoming Air/Fuel mixture.
• This gives POWERSPORT a much more dynamic heat range over standard plugs.

All of these characteristics allow you to use only one powersport code in replacement of different standard codes


Power Boost Firing End
Fine-wire projected electrode design delivers more power and maximum fouling protection. V-trimmed ground electrode keeps spark concentrated through all engine demands.
‘Q’ - Suppressor
Wire-wound low-ohm resistor enables full ignition energy to reach the cylinder where it is needed most.
Thermal Contour Firing Tip
Modifies electrode heat transfer to prevent deposits while idling and plug overheating during high-speed operation.